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The Grand Linfield

Here is a new dollhouse that I've been working on. This is the Duracraft Linfield Kit. I choose a bright pastel color scheme for the exterior. I added siding, stucco, and other handmade trims. The front door was missing from the kit so I used a door that was left over from another kit. I did away with the gable trims that are included with the kit as they seemed more Gothic Victorian and I wanted more of a Painted Lady feel. I also added my own handmade lattice around the bottom and carried up to the roof gables.

Also missing from the kit, were the pieces to create the bay-type window on the side that you see in the original kit pictures. I chose to make the window flush and added a handmade window box as well as created my own window roof from scrap wood.

For each side gable, I added a break in the siding with a section of trim I made from more scrap wood, craft sticks, and wood medallions I found at Michael’s. I also created small shingles in the Windows Paint application, printed them on thick card stock, and cut each out by hand to use as the siding under the eaves. I brought my handmade lattice work up into the trim for the gables peaks.

I added some small window trim details in the corner of each window and painted them in the brighter colors. I made these by sawing the ends off Popsicle sticks and layering them.

I stained the wood flooring strips that were included in the kit to match the roofing. I used the strips as the porch flooring. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I am currently in a rut with what to do on the inside of the house.

The interior will be covered in my next post. Be sure to subscribe for updates.

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