The Grand Linfield

I had so much fun with this little room! From the rolls of toilet paper to the tiny soaps, it was such a joy coming up with all the different ways to make the toiletries and bath accessories.

I started out with a hand-me-down porcelain bath set (tub, toilet, and sink). I also had an old cupboard I could use for storage. I finally decided on the placement of each piece and then set to work on creating all the other items.

I created a chandelier using various glass beads and jewelry findings. I then attached a scrapbook frame to the ceiling and hung the chandelier from the center.

I created a rug using 3 different corded trims. Starting from the center, I glued the trim as I went to a heavy piece of printer paper to help it keep its shape. Once it was large enough, I allowed it to dry, cut off the excess paper, and added scalloped trim.

I created a tiny medicine cabinet by using an old door that I had removed from one of the shelving units that I placed in my bakery (never throw away anything!). I cut and glued pieces of balsa board to the back of the door to create the cabinet base and added a shelf inside. I painted it using purple acrylic as the base coat and white milk paint on top -sanding when dry to expose the base coat underneath. I then printed out medicine boxes from a free printable website and glued the cabinet in place.

Using jewelry wire and a metal bead, I created a toilet paper holder. For the rolls of paper, I took a drinking straw, glued and rolled on cotton bandaging (from my real life first aid kit), and then cut the straw into smaller sections/individual rolls once the glue was dry. I also printed a free tissue box, assembled, and attached a scrap of bandage.

I made various perfume bottles from beads. I also found a free rug printable online and printed it on to printer fabric for some fancy towels. I applied various trims to dress them up.

I created a shelf using metal scrapbook picture corners as the brackets. I then used an old acrylic window insert, cut to length, for the shelf. I created a towel rod from two jewelry findings and a dowel and glued it under the shelf. I lastly arranged all my pretty towels and perfume bottles on the shelf and attached above the tub.

I again used a bead and wire to create a hand towel ring near the sink. I painted the cabinet the same way I did the medicine cabinet and then filled it with homemade goodies.

I created more containers by cutting small lengths of squared and rounded dowels and then painted them and applied little labels created from free printables I found online. I also took an old real life candle and cut out pieces of wax to create soaps.

For above the sink, I had a little gold mirror that I thought would be perfect. I created another “glass” shelf using leftover window inserts and tiny brackets made from pieces of a wooden Chinese fan. To create the tooth brush, I cut a small sliver of wood and then glued a tiny piece of fiber fill on the end. I then applied a tiny amount of paint to the fiber fill to stiffen. The little cup, along with the wall art, are just more free printables that I spruced up with handmade frames.

I created a waste basket using the same cording used on the rug, a piece of trim for the top, a small rose glued on the front, and more of my “toilet paper” for waste.

I created a soap dish for the tub by cutting a plastic button in half and attaching it to a piece of trim. I added more of my candle wax soap. I also took an extra miniature milk bottle I had and shaved it down on the front and back so it was a flat bottle instead of rounded. I painted the bottle and applied more printed labels before setting it on the tub.

I think it all came together perfectly!