The Grand Linfield

Floral design is something that has always been a challenge for me in my life-size world. So when I decided to give miniature floral arrangements a try, my expectations were low. But I just felt the Linfield needed something else on the exterior to warm it up. It turned out that florals were exactly what it needed.

My daughter had a hand in helping me get started. She created little pots of flowers to display on the porch steps and around the front bay window. The potting soil is made from dried, used coffee grounds which makes for a wonderfully realistic medium.

She also filled a black wire planter to display on the porch

I built a window box for the second story, front window and filled it with flowers.

Next, I worked on filling the window box on the side of the house. I fell in love with the gazing ball I added. I made this from a bead and piece of wire. Can you find it?

Lastly, I focused on the balcony. I created a wind chime, a potted plant, and a birdhouse.

I pretty happy with the results and it ended up being surprisingly fun, even though I was so hesitant to give it a try. I will definitely keep working to improve my floral skills.