Moorland Cottage

I decided to take a break on the outside and not do the remaining exterior side just yet. That will be the exterior wall to the kitchen and I haven't quite decide if or where I'll be adding windows, doors, etc.

First thing that is needed is the flooring. I decided to go with a handpainted, decorative tile in the main room.

To construct the flooring I sketched out my design on graph paper with a key for the layout. I gathered my tiles, some of which I hand painted. I then glued the tiles to a piece of graph paper that I had measured and cut to the size of the floor.

I glued the paper-backed tile arrangement to the floor in the living area. Lastly, I added brown paint to the edges and filled in the grout lines.

For the kitchen area, I applied paper clay and used a dental pick to carve out natural stone slab shapes.

I then stained and laid wood strips throughout the remainder of the house.