Moorland Cottage

I was able to go ahead and start on the windows and roof today.

I wanted leaded windows but the kit came with the white, screen printed design. So I used a black Sharpie Oil Paint pen (extra fine tip)and traced over the white lines. If you make mistakes with the Sharpie, have no fear. It comes off super easy with non acetone nail polish remover and doesn’t damage the plastic sheeting.

I also used Mod Podge Lustre to give the windows that warped-ness you see in very old glass. I would advise you to only use Lustre as it dries with the same glossiness of glass where matte doesn’t shine at all. Brush on in a random pattern.

You will know when it’s completely dry as all the “milky” will be gone. Once dry, glue panel to the inside of the window openings.

Next I used a roll of coconut fiber pot liner and trimmed to fit the roof line. I did two staggered rows. I then glued bits of moss randomly around the roof.

Now I’m off to do the rest of the roof. More to come soon.