Moorland Cottage

Time to bash the sad little door that came with this house kit…

I used the kit Door as my base and cut appropriate lengths of two different width wood strips

I then glued the strips to the face of the door. An important note on this project is to be neat with your glue and use as little as possible. You don’t want excess glue squeezing out the sides or finger smudges of glue on the wood since it will prevent the stain from absorbing.

Next I added support boards to face of door.

I allowed the glue to dry completely and then flipped the door to begin working on the backside. This would become the inside of the door so I used corrugated scrapbook paper to create linen fold paneling and glued into place.

I then chose some wooden scrapbook embellishments and cut them to fit in the bottom door panels.

Don’t forget to save the trimmings from the embellishments for future projects.

Next I stained the entire door mahogany and allowed to dry.

Now to make the door hardware. I have given up on trying to make working doors. My doors always hang all kinds of wrong from the hinges and end up not working anyway. So this time I am going for that “faux” look. First I googled Tudor hinges to figure out my basic shape. I then used doubled over, black duct tape and cut out hinges. The texture of the duct tape lends itself to the look and feel of hammered wrought iron.

I then used some scrap “U”trim and cut out two door handles. I roughed them up using my Xacto blade and then painted them black.

I glued the hinges and handle to the front of the door. I used my tiny applicator and placed drops of black paint and appropriate points to simulate bolts.

I allowed the dots to dry completely. This is very important so that you don’t inadvertently flatten out your bolts. Once dry, I glued the other door handle on the opposite side of the door.

I then attached into place on the house using generous amounts of glue all around the edges.