Charity Auction Farmhouse

It's been awhile since my last post. This past November, I had to put the perfume shop to the side to work on a house commission that I donated to a charity auction. This was the first house I've created that was on a time crunch. Usually, I work at my own pace and give houses away after they are already completed. It's also not my usual M.O. to make a house to-order. That did make it fun as I was able to do a brand new style that I had never done before. In fact, I liked this brick farmhouse so much, that I cant wait to do another for my personal collection!

This house began as the Greenleaf Laurel kit.

With the charity auction, I was limited by a small budget and a tight deadline. So this house became about figuring out how to best use the supplies I had on hand. I believe I did a pretty good job at transforming the kit into something unique given those facts.

This house has a lot of moss and vine added to it. It is both brick and stucco. The bricks were created using cork.

I made a screen door for the front and faux painted the porch roof to look metallic.

I added a stone chimney made from cork and torn bits of egg carton painted to resemble stones.

I added clapboard on the eaves and after several coats of the wrong color, finally decided to paint the siding brown with some of the other colors showing through.

On to the inside...

I built a custom staircase which includes kitchen storage.

The kitchen floor is more painted cork

I added a stained glass door, shelves and bead board.

The doorway leads you into the living room.

I built a fireplace and added picture railing to the walls.

Upstairs, you come to a hall with a bathroom and bedroom.

More cork was used to create the bathroom tile.

I added an additional wall to create the hall that doesn't exist with the basic kit.

The attic is more of an unfinished look with exposed slats and bricks and raw floor planks.