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The Bath Emporium

I decided to begin work on what I thought would be a perfume shop. But after spending far too much time on Etsy, I just couldn't resist all the tiny soaps and lotions so many talented artists are creating. So my perfume shop quickly became The Bath Emporium.

This shop started its life as the Houseworks Bay of Windows Shop from the Street of Shops collection.

I built a second story addition to allow space for a small apartment. I applied plaster to the exterior walls on the second story. On the first floor exterior I created the brick and plaster facade featured in my previous post. I also made paneling to finish off the side walls.

I then began applying all the trim work and other handmade details including signage. Since the original shop was actually a top-opening room box, I had to ensure the trim and signage were applied in a way that would still allow me to lift off the second story to view the inside of the shop.

I used egg carton for the slate roof. I also created flower pots and boxes to soften the look.

I had chosen a bold turquoise that I was unsure of. Everyone who saw the shop before I had applied all the details thought I had lost my mind choosing the color I did. I was having serious doubts. But something told me to keep going and I'm so glad I did. This is by far my favorite color scheme of all my projects. The red striped awning perfectly contrasted with the color.

As I worked my way around the building, I realized that I really wanted to give the shop some depth. I wanted things to come out from the walls and give it life. So I created signs and other items that could hang from brackets.

I used egg carton once again to create the stones for the walk. I painted the stones in clay colors to bring in more red tones to contrast with the turquoise. I then applied moss and added a bicycle that I converted into a planter to once again soften the look.

I used luster mod podge on the tops of the bay windows to add some interest to the bay window. In the side lights, I added wire mesh. I created a sidewalk soap display and more signage using a bit lighter and softer color palate. I plan on using many pastels on the interior so I thought this would begin introducing those colors and help to create the transition to the inside. Hopefully. We'll see if my plan works once I begin on the inside.

On the second story front, I added balcony railing and creating various plantings.

I added a stained glass window and french doors that mimicked the style of the bay window below.

I continued with the slate tile roof and added openings for future sky lights.

So far I am very pleased with how this shop is coming along. Unfortunately, I will have to put this project aside for a bit to work on a house that I am donating to charity this year. It may be awhile before I post an update on The Bath Emporium but I promise I will come back to it.