The Grand Linfield

July 6, 2017

I decided to bash this Michael’s miniature hutch for use in the Linfield Kitchen.



First step was to deconstruct the unit.



With the bottom and top units reduced to shells,  I roughed out with pencil how I wanted to rework the shelves.



Starting with the bottom unit, I began constructing the shelves.  I constructed the shelves outside of the unit to allow for easier painting.  I used balsa board for the new shelves.



I decided not to use the center door and leave the center shelves open.  I covered the two side doors with corrugated scrapbook paper after having removed the wooden knobs.  I dry fitted all the components one last time before painting.



I primed and painted all the bottom pieces.  I used a butter yellow on the shell, white for the shelves and door trim, and a soft green for the door panels.  It left it looking rather bright and baby nursery-ish so I used a dark brown paint and dry brushed the entire piece to antique it.


Before antiquing:



After antiquing:



Next I moved to the top unit.  I began constructing the shelving bits.  Once everything was cut and dry fitted, I painted all the pieces.



I added plexi to the back of the doors and I covered the inside of the hutch with a print fabric.




I then began attaching all the shelves.



Once all the assembly was complete, I added glass beads for knobs and tiny jewelry findings as faux hinges.  Lastly, I began filling it with all my kitchen miniatures.





I can’t wait to place this in the Linfield kitchen!




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