The Grand Linfield

July 2, 2017

The master bedroom is my favorite room in the house.  I’m nicknaming this the “Rose Room”.  Obviously, the beautiful scrapbook paper I used as wallpaper was my inspiration for all the furnishings and decor.  Settle in for this post…there’s a lot going on in this room.  I am also going to show you some "before" pictures to demonstrate how the simplest of pieces can be made grand.


First, I started with the armoire.  I used an unfinished cabinet as my base.  




I removed one of the doors and the wood knobs.  I then began all the reconstruction which included adding faux drawers, painting, and various jewelry findings.  I removed the center bracket on the remaining door and added a piece of folded fabric.  Lastly, I made two hat boxes, scarves, and a framed picture for the top. The picture is a printed image glued into a button. I also made a jewelry box to sit inside.





I made curtains for the French door.  I also added some decorative panels to the bottom of the doors.  I made these using balsa wood, scrapbook corners, and more roses.



The bed was my favorite project in this room.  My mom had recently gifted me a couple of plain dollhouse beds that she found discounted.  Of course, there is zero chance of me leaving anything plain or as-is, so I set to work.  Here is what I started with, not bad but I knew I could do better.



I first stripped off all the bedding and foam.  I then began gluing on all sorts of jewelry findings, small metalwork pieces, and roses.  I then painted everything in a rosy copper metallic paint.  Once the paint was dry,  I dipped the bed in polyurethane to seal everything.  



Finally, I began trimming, folding, and layering different fabrics until it was perfect.  I topped it off with handmade pillows and a throw blanket I made from tiny crocheted flowers.  Everything on this bed was handmade – from the pillows to the comforter where I painstakingly added each row of ruffles.  This bed is definitely the prettiest thing I’ve ever made for a dollhouse. 









I created a dressing screen and table for the room.  The dressing screen is constructed from balsa wood and more of my jewelry findings.  I used a bird bath that I had picked up somewhere on clearance and added a top to create the table. I then made a little flower vase, purse, whatnot bowl, and gloves.




I took various scrapbook frames and filled them with pictures I printed from the internet.  I hung the pictures on the wall behind the dressing area.  I also decided to go with a store-bought area rug for the room.



I purchased a vanity from Hobby Lobby.  I will say that it is actually a rather cute vanity out of the box.  But, of course, I needed it to be next-level.  So I got to work.



I sanded all the edges and high points and then stained the vanity, wiping away most of the excess.  I wanted an antiqued or aged look and this technique worked perfectly.  I then began creating tiny bottles from beads and jewelry findings.  I made a little tray where I placed a handmade compact, lipstick, nail polish, and makeup brush.  I added a lamp and a straw hat which I added a few embellishments to.  Lastly,  I created a couple of simple necklaces that I allowed to hang out of a partially opened drawer.  I also recovered the vanity seat and added scrapbook frames and corners.





I finished off the wall behind the bed and vanity with more framed prints and created a picture rail with shelf.  I added various handmade knick-knacks to the shelf.




I just couldn't be happier with the finished result. 




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